6 short temperament makes you like short hair

This year is a hot period of short hair. I don’t know if the girls have tried the charm of short hair. If you haven’t, please take a look at the following.

6 short temperament makes you like short hair

01. Qi ear outer hair short hair

This is a fresh and age-reducing short hair style, which will be rolled into a wrap-around J-shape. It looks cute and chic, and the natural black hair style is more retro. The short hair of the cock is matched with the thin bangs. It is super sweet and fragrant, and even the small face is decorated with a thin circle.

02. Xin Yulei short hair

Since Xin Shulei’s popularity, such as the rumored rumor, the popularity has also increased a lot. In 2018, she has produced a lot of works, and recently it was because of her hair style and once again the screen–Xin Xiaolei short hair, half Long wigs and short styling, the hair on both sides is more tailored, it can well modify the lack of face shape, just the right French bangs design will not cover the charming big eyes, the style highlights the advantages of the five senses and looks The whole person is very temperamental.

03. Shoulder short hair

The short hair with a natural tail and awkward hair has been the most classic hairstyle for girls in these years. The shape of the outer curl is not only small but also the smell of a small woman. Many people say that the short hair in the middle is very old. Rustic, joking, it’s just that you don’t have a good care. It’s like a sister who makes a simple haircut with a short hair and a hair color. Isn’t it very special?

04. Texture hot short hair

This year’s special fire texture hot short hair, a natural and well-managed hot short hair style, hot into a layered textured hair looks both rich and sensible, active in the design of the shoulder and neck, such a hair style can be very good Help you cover the flesh on the cheeks, showing the face is thin and thin and cute, adding a lot to the temperament is also very young and age-reducing.

05.lob head short hair

Korean style lob short hair is still very popular with girls. The large-biased style takes care of the shape of the buckle. The sweet design makes the girl look extraordinarily sultry. The fluffy and full hair volume also has repairs. Yan’s sense of sight, lob head, not picking the face can also perfectly outline the beautiful facial features, highlighting the sweetness and temperament.

06. Temperament ultra short hair

The handsome ultra-short hair is also very popular among girls this year. The ultra-short hair of neutral style looks like a boy. Cutting the asymmetrical hair can create a handsome style for boys, which can add a handsome atmosphere. It looks refreshing and spirited. It chooses to combine with the air and bangs to sweeten and age, and it is fashionable and attractive.

What is the short face for short hair

Long-haired faces are suitable for short-haired girls who are too long and look mature, even older than their peers. In order to solve this problem, the long-faced girl can choose the appropriate hair style to adjust, and the short hair that can slightly modify the forehead is worth considering. If you want to save your face too long, you have to cover part of your face.


A girl with a long face is easy to look mature and even older than her peers. In order to solve this problem, the long-faced girl can choose the appropriate hair style to adjust, and the short hair that can slightly modify the forehead is worth considering.


If you want to save your face too long, you have to cover a part of your face. It is easier to operate than the other parts. If the forehead is long and the proportion of the entire face is too large, then you can use the thick Qi Liu, so that the face looks shorter, and the proportion of the three courts is relatively more appropriate.

The reason why the thick bangs are chosen to cover the forehead is because the thick bangs have a stronger hiding function, and the thin broken bangs are easily deflected under the influence of external factors such as wind, thus exposing the long forehead. Of course, if you feel that the thick bangs are too soily enough, you can give your own short hair dyed individual colors, so that thick bangs can also add a sense of fashion.

short hair

What is the short face for short hair

Choosing a thick bangs means taking care of it. Relative to the rest of the hair, the bangs are more likely to become greasy and untidy, so it is necessary to clean the combing often. Let your bangs be kept clean, fresh and clean, in order to avoid the bangs appearing in a glimpse of the situation, revealing a long forehead.

Of course, in addition to the thick Qi Liuhai, there are other short hair styles to choose from. Some people don’t have a long forehead, so there is no need to cover them with hair. In this case, the hair on the forehead can be combed loosely, causing the hairline to move down. Moreover, the hair on both sides of the face can be left thick at the same time, which visually increases the width of the head.

This method is lighter and more flexible than the front cover with a thick bangs. The amplitude of the modification is naturally not as large as the former. Therefore, it is more suitable for people whose forehead is not very long and the length of the face is not very exaggerated. Long-faced girls can choose the right short hair to improve their face shape according to their own characteristics.

Korean short hair wig hairstyle

short hair

A stylish Korean short hair wig hairstyle, free to change the variety of fashionable style, enhance women’s temperament charm!

Girls who are pursuing individuality and fashion, want hair to become shorter at any time? Korean fashion wigs are perfect, but the following small series brings several Korean short hair wig hairstyles, and you can easily change the style!

01 Playful and cute Korean wig hairstyle, fresh and refreshing short hair, the inner tail of the micro-volume hair treatment, outline the exquisite small face shape, Qi Liuhai ageing and more beauty.

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02 It is very suitable for the student girl’s short wig, Qi Liuhai with the inner buckle curls, to modify the perfect face shape, brown hair dye is more fashionable and beautiful.

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03 Lady style Korean short hair style, micro-curve super good hair treatment, perfect display of small face type, it is very sweet girl temperament, wig design allows you to change the wild shape every day.

short hair

Korean short hair wig hairstyle

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04 The Korean short hair style of the egg roll shows the fashion personality, with the wig of Qi Liu, exudes a playful and cute feeling, and you can change the shape at will.

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05 No bangs Korean short hair wig, showing a full forehead, looks very small and fresh, and the hot-rolled hair ends close to the cheeks, and the face is glamorous.

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The above-mentioned recommended Korean short hair wig hairstyles can improve your temperament and create a fashionable and versatile look.