Now popular straight hair style

straight hair style

Straight hair style can always give people a light, gentle and pleasant feeling, and the boy’s mate selection criteria is also hope to find a gentle woman, it can be seen that girls want to roll up the attention of boys, straight hair style is very suitable Oh.
Nowadays, the popular straight hair style is light and gentle.

Medium long straight hair style

Long straight hair, broken straight hair with this partial bangs, straight hair effect of different lengths will look more beautiful, showing a gentle, elegant little woman atmosphere. Isn’t the image of the goddess in the hearts of many boys like this? Even Xiaobian couldn’t help but sigh a sentence, “Slightly smile and pour the country, I will marry you when you have long hair and waist.”

Qi Liuhai straight hair style

The color of the brown color is always very white, so that the long straight hair with this rare advection, and the middle hairline will make your face more compact and charming, giving a youthful vitality, well-behaved The feeling of Tian Jiaxiaobiyu. This straight hair style is very suitable for girls with a round face.

Split straight hair style

The distribution line in the middle can always give a goddess-like feeling, and the length of the waist, the hair ends are cut flat, with the bangs in the middle, the natural black hair, a retro light and gentle temperament It is very eye-catching. And such a straight hair style is never out of date, when you look so good, look good.

Shoulder short hair straight hair style

If you don’t like to keep long hair, then the charm of short straight hair is also quite good. The length of this shoulder is matched with this thin air bangs, and the hairline in the middle splits the hair on both sides evenly. The vertical natural buckle can perfectly highlight your delicate facial features. It seems that there is a lovely side, and the image of a gentle girl is also indispensable. A female student in Sven, who is loved.

Confluence sea straight hair style

straight hair style

The medium-length straight hair style is matched with the flat bangs, which perfectly shows your face with a nice diamond shape, a small face with a sweet smile, and an instant eye-opening. Such a straight hair hairstyle is very much a school girl in school, with this youthful school uniform, a fresh and elegant temperament, so that Xiaobian could not help but want to return to the college.

Natural straight hair style

Long hair fluttering is always a kind of temperament, and it is natural to have such a straight hair style. This natural long straight hair style, step length finish makes the hairstyle look simple and not simple. Usually, the front bangs are fixed behind to form a princess hairstyle. It looks both lively, cute and beautiful, and the age-reducing effect is also very good.