What is the short face for short hair

Long-haired faces are suitable for short-haired girls who are too long and look mature, even older than their peers. In order to solve this problem, the long-faced girl can choose the appropriate hair style to adjust, and the short hair that can slightly modify the forehead is worth considering. If you want to save your face too long, you have to cover part of your face.


A girl with a long face is easy to look mature and even older than her peers. In order to solve this problem, the long-faced girl can choose the appropriate hair style to adjust, and the short hair that can slightly modify the forehead is worth considering.


If you want to save your face too long, you have to cover a part of your face. It is easier to operate than the other parts. If the forehead is long and the proportion of the entire face is too large, then you can use the thick Qi Liu, so that the face looks shorter, and the proportion of the three courts is relatively more appropriate.

The reason why the thick bangs are chosen to cover the forehead is because the thick bangs have a stronger hiding function, and the thin broken bangs are easily deflected under the influence of external factors such as wind, thus exposing the long forehead. Of course, if you feel that the thick bangs are too soily enough, you can give your own short hair dyed individual colors, so that thick bangs can also add a sense of fashion.

short hair

What is the short face for short hair

Choosing a thick bangs means taking care of it. Relative to the rest of the hair, the bangs are more likely to become greasy and untidy, so it is necessary to clean the combing often. Let your bangs be kept clean, fresh and clean, in order to avoid the bangs appearing in a glimpse of the situation, revealing a long forehead.

Of course, in addition to the thick Qi Liuhai, there are other short hair styles to choose from. Some people don’t have a long forehead, so there is no need to cover them with hair. In this case, the hair on the forehead can be combed loosely, causing the hairline to move down. Moreover, the hair on both sides of the face can be left thick at the same time, which visually increases the width of the head.

This method is lighter and more flexible than the front cover with a thick bangs. The amplitude of the modification is naturally not as large as the former. Therefore, it is more suitable for people whose forehead is not very long and the length of the face is not very exaggerated. Long-faced girls can choose the right short hair to improve their face shape according to their own characteristics.

The whole process of seamless Hair piece

Because there are few hairs, it is necessary to use a wig instead of real hair to make the hair look fluffy and dense, but there are also hair growth effects from short hair wigs.From the pile of hair to the seamless hair piece film to understand, after all, do not know the production process of wig film, how to feel the peace of mind to use these wigs ~ here there is no trace hair piece production method diagram easy diy, they can Made a wig!

From the loose hair to the sophisticated wigs, what kind of method can we achieve this effect? First of all, it is necessary to give a smooth wig. Whether it’s cut real hair or other fiber wigs, it’s straight to cut, and then split the hair into bundles.

The whole process of seamless Hair piece

Divide the hair into a small bundle of small shapes, use a rope or a relatively strong rope after twisting, and wear it from the middle of the wig to tighten the wig, and the hair will naturally hang down. The wig is divided into such a small bundle, which is better fixed when making the wig.

After the hair is twisted together, use gold wire or other thread, from the position of the wig to the next centimeter, wrap the width of about one centimeter, so that the hair is absolutely stable, there will be no trace The hair is scattered, and then the hair of the hair root is cut flat.

Spread the small gold hair bundles on the wig patch, one side is a flat piece that can be combined with the hair to form a frictional force, and the other side is smooth and can be fixed. The hair that is fixed on the hair piece is to be wrapped with a golden thread, and the wig is wrapped around the two wigs. It is very tight and will never fall.

The fixed wig is completely divided into two parts, and the two sides of the wig piece are directly flipped over, and the gold wire is still fixed from both sides. After the wig piece is reversed, the straight plate holder and the hair dryer are also taken together to make the hairstyle. A very supple effect appears and the wig is finished.

How to customize wedding wigs

wedding styling

Hair style as a key step in the wedding styling, limited to “local materials” may limit the role of the stylist. It’s best to be able to customize a “hair style” that best matches your wedding. High-end wig brands will be very willing to accept your custom wedding wigs, they will combine your head circumference, face shape, wedding style, makeup features, and even your wedding theme to help you.

The wig’s current position in the fashion industry has been flush with high-end luxury goods. More and more stars have begun to use wigs to change their hair style, which has also caused a false fever. Nowadays people talk about wigs that are no longer the special products of patients or hair loss people. In order to satisfy their desire to love beauty, more and more women have now compared it to the important position of a pair of shoes they must wear.


How to customize wedding wigs

Wigs are roughly divided into two categories

Wig cover: It is the hair cover that we have seen to wrap all the tops of the head, which can play a full decorative role.
Wig accessories: that is, some wigs, such as horsetail, bangs, wigs, and true wigs, play a real role.

Wig material

Real hair hair characteristics: long life, free to shape, high fidelity.
High-temperature silk hair characteristics: short life, not frequent random modeling, fidelity.
True wig blending features: Longer life, not frequent random modeling, high fidelity, not easy to shape.

wedding styling

Wig process

Full-hand woven: The entire hair styling is made by hand crocheting, which is light and realistic, and has good air permeability.
Half-hand woven: part of the hand, part of the machine, the top of the head is realistic, breathable.
Mechanism: The whole hair set is made by machine, the fidelity is general, and the air permeability is general.

Korean short hair bullet hair type

Korean short hair

There are a lot of boys who are very popular with a short hair style. This is a kind of bullet hair type with a long hair on the top of the head. Especially a lot of trendy men like to choose such a hairstyle, so that the hairstyle looks like this. Good-looking and energetic. If you are a short-haired boy, choose this Korean-style bullet short hair style. The bullet hair type can show your masculinity, especially good-looking and individual.

Korean short hair

This happy boy chose a bullet hair type. This short hair style is that the hair below is shaved shorter, and the hair on the top of the head is a bit long and a little broken. The hairstyle is beautiful and natural, and it is super handsome.

The boy chose this kind of bullet hair with a long and a bit broken shape on the top of the head. After the hair below is shaved, there is only the hair above the head. This kind of hair looks good in the sun, with his natural Smile, the sun is handsome.

Korean short hair bullet hair type

A manly man who is very masculine, chooses a good-looking bullet hair type, the hair is relatively short, the hair is also very black, the skin color is darker, he wears a pair of sunglasses, cool and special Manly.

Very handsome, a trendy man, the facial features are special Peugeot. I chose a bullet type with a slightly longer hair on the top of the head. The hair is short but it looks particularly handsome and beautiful, and then with a white shirt. And the straps are too cool and too handsome.

This handsome hipster boy chooses a hair extensions that is particularly short, and then keeps the hair on the top of the head longer, and the hair is still particularly curly. This is the coolest kind of bullet. Hair style, beautiful and trendy Korean style.

What kind of hairstyle is suitable for a small girl

Small girls are very common in life. For small people, there are disadvantages and advantages. So what kind of hairstyle is suitable for a small girl?

The feeling of petite girls is very cute, and then choose the same wave head with short hair, it is not beautiful in the United States! With the air feels bangs and fresh brown to render the whole style fashion and fresh style, and then on both sides The short hair creates a fluffy micro buckle, and instantly creates a cute little face, and it is very cute.

Petite girls are suitable for hair extensions and shoulders

To say what kind of hairstyle is suitable for petite girls, this shoulder-length hair is definitely the best choice! The hair extension is designed with a sleek design and a thin air bangs. It feels fresh and cute, and it is also very playful.

Petite girl fits the air bangs hairstyle

The fresh and girly air bangs hairstyle is also suitable for petite girls. With the smart air bangs and linen brown long hair, it is simply beautiful, and makes girls look super sweet and super beautiful.

Petite girl fits the wavy hair

If you don’t want to take the cute route, then this wave of curly hair is definitely for you, not only has the Korean style of the sister, but also the temperament of the petite girl, anyway, it is a combination of maturity and freshness, fashion can not be said, it can help Han.

Petite girls fit the middle shoulders hairstyle

This shoulder-length haircut is actually quite simple, but it is because it is simpler and more charming, and it has a pitiful feeling. It is very important for the boys to protect.

Petite girls suitable for medium and long straight hair

The feeling of straight hair is fresh and feminine, no matter how you look, you will not feel tired, and it is in line with the image of petite girls. The whole shape is a thin air bangs with straight hair, simple yet charming.

Hair extension temptation cheap uk

hair extension

A brand new fascinating generation is coming, the era of hair extension, exaggerated claims, the changes it brings to the hair are as dramatic as the phoenix.


The first real understanding of the changes in the shape of the haircut, from the filming episode, the hair stylist quietly told me after seeing the model’s hair, “This is a disaster.” The model’s hair was hair extension, Therefore, the hair styling needs of the hair stylist cannot be met. I was so surprised that I couldn’t speak. God knows, I just chose her long hair with the fluffy and charming hair like her seaweed. There is no need to elaborate on how to remedy this big problem afterwards. What I want to explain is that the magical power of hair extension, when you are born with insufficient hair or long hair, the quick hair extension can really be of great use, you You don’t have to worry about the wig’s kind of bad problem, you don’t have to worry about its naturalness. As long as the color choice is not very different from your own, it looks like natural hair.

hair extension

The hair piece for hair extension, including three materials, full chemical fiber wig, low price, but the effect is not so natural, as a temporary stage performance needs, it is a good choice; chemical fiber mixed real hair production, the price is medium, if You just need to bury them in your real hair to fill the hair volume, which is a good choice; the hair piece made entirely of real hair is very expensive, not easy to get static electricity, and can be dyed hot, so that you can have real hair with you. It’s all right, and it’s a long service life. If you don’t have enough natural hair, or you can’t stay long hair, it’s worth investing.

When you touch these hair pieces, you will find that they are simple to operate, do not need glue-like adhesives, and a hair-like thing on the hair piece can help you easily fix the hair piece near the hair root. The skill is more skillful. The more natural the effect. As for the secret of not letting the hair sticks out, the total amount of hair pieces should not exceed 20% of their own hair volume.

Hair extension temptation cheap uk

The advantage of the hair piece is that it is a product that can be taken off and used repeatedly. Before going to sleep, try to remove the hair piece because the hair clipping tool at the hair piece interface will pull your scalp because of the friction of the pillow. Causes hair loss. Of course, if you can ensure that you are sleeping in a sleeping position, there is no big problem without taking it off. These hair pieces also require regular maintenance. Regularly use shampoos and conditioners with a softening effect to clean the hair pieces and keep them dry naturally. No heat treatment is required, that is, do not use a hair dryer.

If your hair is medium in length and medium in volume, maybe hair extension is a word that doesn’t matter to you, but it may not be. Women’s minds are often in an irrational state, such as when you happen to see Black Lively seduce the captain of the hockey team in Gossip Girl: holding the Martini bottle in one hand, the waterfall-like blonde is arbitrarily scattered. When it seems so tempting, maybe the thought will come out in my mind. “That kind of hair belongs to me too.” You also have reasons for sending and receiving.

As the famous hair stylists know, and in the secret of conservatism, many public figures will be sent out, as long as they are not known to the public. In fact, as far as the hair stylist is concerned, at some point in the future, hair extension will become a component of quality and style, because hair is a natural product that is 50% natural. Not everyone can rely on natural hair to have a good reputation. Hair style. The wigs made for celebrities are very sophisticated and must be made of real hair, and these hairs must be long hair that has never been burned or dyed, ensuring that the damage to the hair is negligible. Then these hair pieces are mixed in the real hair with very small hairpins. After about an hour or so, these connected hairs can be integrated into your own hair. This process involves the sudden increase of your hair. The process of weight.

After picking up the hair, remember to trim the level. The famous hair stylist Ken Paves once joked half-heartedly: “If the length of the hair is exactly the same, you will look like an unearthed antique.” According to the current hair style trend, level The most vivid hairstyle is the most popular. If you are straight hair, it is best to ask the hair stylist to layer along the outline of the chin, which will make you look young and energetic. If you burst, the interval between layers will be as long as possible. The hair curls are more full and sexy, and at the same time there is no aggressiveness, and the same sex or opposite sex will be very good.

The Contrast wigs seems to be such a perfect invention, it improves the uneasiness of a wig, and makes up for the shortcomings of true hair or volume. Ok, tell you a secret. When shooting shampoo ads, people often use this cute prop. Think about it. People think that your hair “looks like a shampoo advertising model.” Are you sure you can resist this temptation? ?

Of course, hair clips also have shortcomings. When you make it together with your own hair, these different hairs will be entangled. The process of re-separating them is not so pleasant. In that shot, I saw it with my own eyes. The model wearing a wig gave a grin.

Medium long hair tail buckle

In the long hair, the length of this hair is just right, this medium hair is suitable for what hair style, what are the long hair hairpin hair buckle pictures?

In the long hair, this is because many people have the length of this hair. This medium long hair can be made into a lot of hair styles.

Medium long hair

The large black hair in the long black hair is so agile and full of hair. The hair straightening and straight hair is scattered and looks a bit monotonous. In 2017, the neat hair ends will be ironed into a large roll, adding a sweet fashion. Show the girl’s charming and sexy side.

The split mid-length straight hair is full and agile, and the neat mid-length straight hair does not seem to have any content at all this year. Therefore, on the basis of the medium and long straight hair, the hair stylist will make the hair curling and make it become agile. Elegant and curly in the middle and long hair, the hair is round and stylish.

Popular in the long hair hair style in 2017, the most common is based on straight hair, the hair curls under the shoulders are ironed into the inward large curls, adding a beautiful curl to the smart and elegant hair style, so that Enhance the fashion trend of hair style, and show the elegance and grace of girls.

Medium long hair tail buckle

The girls on campus are best suited to comb the hair of the long hair and the end of the hair. Based on the black long straight hair, the neat hair ends are ironed into the inner curls. The smart and beautiful curly hair style is not only mature and charming. And it looks very beautiful and fashionable.
Medium long hair hair tail buckle hair picture black straight hair goddess

The sweet and beautiful young girl originally had a romantic brown-red straight hair. The middle and long straight hair hair ends were cut into layers and then ironed into a middle buckle. The simple hair ends were perm, which made the original monotonous hairstyle become fashionable and sweet. Straight hair perm hair style.

The middle and long hair hairpins are introduced here. This long hair hairpin is very popular. Come and give yourself this hairstyle.

Contrast wigs good and bad

Contrast wigs

Contrast wigs good and bad

1, the hair is smooth and smooth, and the luster color is natural;

2, when the hair is light, the hand feels soft and does not fall off and knotted;

3, under the premise of ensuring hair style, the thinner the design, the better;

4, comfortable and natural after wearing, no obvious dull feeling.

There are two points to distinguish between the quality of the wig: one is to look at the hair net, the other is to look at the hair.

The wig is to see if it is a real person’s hair. The price of a real person is very expensive. Generally, it is 200+ one, which is from different people’s hair. The difference between a real hair and a hair is: a chemical fiber has a plastic taste, but a real person but a roast meat. There is also a good hair quality (looks smoother). Real hair and smooth hair, the hair quality is very good

If you send the net, look at the quality of the texture, generally good hair net feels very soft (and very comfortable to wear) bad hair net touch is a bit hard, and wearing a feeling tie (uncomfortable);

Contrast wigs

Young woman using hairbrushes

Look at the quality of the contrast wigs


If the wig is worn well, it is mainly two aspects.

1. Wig and your skin color do not match

White people wear light black people wear dark ~

Each swatch has more or less a gap

Of course, if you want to choose a natural color, it is best to choose a common color. Black and dark brown are good choices

2. wig and face fit

After all, it’s impossible for a real person to look like a head model. After buying it, you can make some small pruning at the corner.

Hair maintenance tips uk

Hair maintenance

Women want to have a beautiful hair, so the usual hair care is a must, the following are some small tricks for hair care, hurry and have a look.

In the windy and dry season in the north, the hair is dry, fragile and dull. Hair care has become a concern of people. How to protect hair? Let’s teach you about 9 hair care tips, from daily care, diet, lifestyle habits, let your hair shine.

9 small tricks for hair care

Hair maintenance

Tips 1, appropriate hair care.

When using hair care products, it is best to apply 2/3 of the hair ends to reduce the degree of allergies of hair roots and scalp to hair care products.

Trick 2, to maintain hair and scalp clean.

When cleaning, pay attention to the force and temperature. The temperature of the water is 40 degrees. It is best to wipe with a dry towel before washing. Then dry the hair with low temperature and strong wind. If you don’t want to hurt the hair, you can also use natural air drying.

Trick 3. Use a wide-toothed comb to replace the fine-toothed comb.

The fine-toothed comb is easy to break the tangled hair and damage the scalp. It is recommended to use a wider-toothed comb instead of a narrower-toothed comb.

Trick 4, hair should not be clipped or tied too tight.

Trick 5, reduce the number of dyeing and perm.

Trick 6, avoid sun exposure and high temperature blowing.

Hair maintenance tips uk

Trick 7, intake of nutrients.

Appropriate amount of protein, zinc, copper, iron, vitamin B and C, eat less junk food such as sweets and deep-fried food.

How to care for your hair How to care for your hair Tips for hair care

Trick 8, sleep enough not to stay up late.

Since the night is between 10:00 and 12:00, the body’s metabolism is the most vigorous, as long as there is good metabolism, naturally good!

Trick 9, properly exclude and vent unnecessary pressure.

Stress is one of the causes of hair loss and white hair, so moderate venting stress also contributes to healthy hair.

Seven things you can do with wigs


The wig can easily help you change shape, and it is very easy to take care of, but you should not do the following seven things for your wig, it will hurt it.

Wigs can easily help you change shape, it is very easy to take care of, but you should not do the following seven things for your wig, it will hurt it.

1. If the wig is used for a long time, it is not easy to pull it. Do not pull it with force. It should be sprayed with a special non-oily maintenance liquid for the wig and slowly combed carefully;

2, be careful not to spray styling gel on the wig, hair wax and other styling agents used in real hair, this will make the wig become sticky;

Seven things you can do with wigs

3, the use of wig-specific non-oily maintenance fluid (use is also very simple: gently spray a few times on the wig before the tape can be used to make the wig soft and bright and prevent static electricity, so that the wig has been kept moist Just like when you just bought it!


4, the wig can be tied up, but can not be tied too high or the following real hair will run out;


5, a longer wig When combing, the wig should be divided into several sections, combing from bottom to top, must be light, have patience;


6. It is normal to have a small amount of hair loss during the finishing process;

7. If you don’t wear it, put it in the original packaging. When you bring it, you will return to the original.

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