How to use a curling iron to create a long face hairstyle uk

long face hairstyle

The curling iron is a must-have hairdressing tool for hairdressing. Today, senior hipsters will teach you how to use a curling iron to create a long-faced hairstyle. Many long-faced girls are troubled by their face shape, because the long face type will give people a mature feeling, so here mainly through the slight adjustment to make the face look more small and cute. How to create a suitable hairstyle for a long-faced girl? Not much nonsense, let’s take a look at this tutorial.

long face hairstyle

1. First, sort out the bangs. The thick bangs can cover the wide forehead very well, then use the large curling rod to roll the bangs to the inside, increasing the natural curvature of the bangs.

2. Next, slightly roll the dynamics of the silk. Long-faced people should make the hair on both sides look fluffy and weighty when finishing the hairstyle. You can roll out the curvature that suits your hairstyle according to your personal characteristics.

How to use a curling iron to create a long face hairstyle

3. Finish the hair on both sides. Keep the two strands of hair behind your ears to prevent your hair from covering your face. Long-faced people are best to expose their cheeks completely.

4. Finish the hair behind the ear. Pull the hair behind the ear to the sides of the cheeks to create a natural fluffy effect. Let the hair not block the face, and don’t feel dull.

5. After a little adjustment with the curling iron, this long face hairstyle looks a lot warmer, the layered bangs and the fluffy hair tips can add a playful and lovely feeling to the bangs.

6. If the girls want to increase the feeling of the following light mature women, you can also wear a lady-like bow headband. Qi Liu Hai and fluffy curly hair with a bow headband, this long face hair style is very good, and more importantly, this style can add a bit of gorgeous to you.