Korean short hair wig hairstyle

short hair

A stylish Korean short hair wig hairstyle, free to change the variety of fashionable style, enhance women’s temperament charm!

Girls who are pursuing individuality and fashion, want hair to become shorter at any time? Korean fashion wigs are perfect, but the following small series brings several Korean short hair wig hairstyles, and you can easily change the style!

01 Playful and cute Korean wig hairstyle, fresh and refreshing short hair, the inner tail of the micro-volume hair treatment, outline the exquisite small face shape, Qi Liuhai ageing and more beauty.

$ single product display: 16090146182$

02 It is very suitable for the student girl’s short wig, Qi Liuhai with the inner buckle curls, to modify the perfect face shape, brown hair dye is more fashionable and beautiful.

$ single product display: 9242778568$

03 Lady style Korean short hair style, micro-curve super good hair treatment, perfect display of small face type, it is very sweet girl temperament, wig design allows you to change the wild shape every day.

short hair

Korean short hair wig hairstyle

$ single product display: 35590013676$

04 The Korean short hair style of the egg roll shows the fashion personality, with the wig of Qi Liu, exudes a playful and cute feeling, and you can change the shape at will.

$ single product display: 26998684708$

05 No bangs Korean short hair wig, showing a full forehead, looks very small and fresh, and the hot-rolled hair ends close to the cheeks, and the face is glamorous.

$ single product display: 27377416735$

The above-mentioned recommended Korean short hair wig hairstyles can improve your temperament and create a fashionable and versatile look.