Contrast wigs good and bad

Contrast wigs

Contrast wigs good and bad

1, the hair is smooth and smooth, and the luster color is natural;

2, when the hair is light, the hand feels soft and does not fall off and knotted;

3, under the premise of ensuring hair style, the thinner the design, the better;

4, comfortable and natural after wearing, no obvious dull feeling.

There are two points to distinguish between the quality of the wig: one is to look at the hair net, the other is to look at the hair.

The wig is to see if it is a real person’s hair. The price of a real person is very expensive. Generally, it is 200+ one, which is from different people’s hair. The difference between a real hair and a hair is: a chemical fiber has a plastic taste, but a real person but a roast meat. There is also a good hair quality (looks smoother). Real hair and smooth hair, the hair quality is very good

If you send the net, look at the quality of the texture, generally good hair net feels very soft (and very comfortable to wear) bad hair net touch is a bit hard, and wearing a feeling tie (uncomfortable);

Contrast wigs

Young woman using hairbrushes

Look at the quality of the contrast wigs


If the wig is worn well, it is mainly two aspects.

1. Wig and your skin color do not match

White people wear light black people wear dark ~

Each swatch has more or less a gap

Of course, if you want to choose a natural color, it is best to choose a common color. Black and dark brown are good choices

2. wig and face fit

After all, it’s impossible for a real person to look like a head model. After buying it, you can make some small pruning at the corner.