Korean girls non-mainstream wig

non-mainstream wig

The non-mainstream wig made in Korea is very realistic. In addition to the traditional wig, there are also partial wigs. If you wear it, it feels more realistic. It is completely fake, and you can change the shape to Super Easy! The wig of the pear flower head also appeared. I didn’t have to work hard to buy a hair curler. I immediately wore a beautiful pear head.

Non-mainstream wig

non-mainstream wig

Pear flower wig

The bangs of the pear flower wig, wearing a matching spring dress is also good, now the weather is just right, wearing a wig is not sultry. It will not work in midsummer.

2. Natural black thick curls

Thick curls can create an effect like a rich princess curl, very kawaii! Girls who like Lolita style can choose this. There are other colors.

3. Magazine model exaggerated long hair

Long and long hair, with a short personality bangs, quite a magazine model. Very long temperament, the shape of the micro-volume will not be monotonous.

4. Natural S-volume wig

What if I don’t have time to get a haircut at a party? Occasionally, I want to be surprised by a yeah~~ Try this natural wig, the curl is soft, suitable for most people, and the hat shape is more outstanding.

5. Tie the BOB head wig

Gently pry up, as long as it is not very high, it will not reveal the filling, it still looks like a real hair effect. Wearing a round Harry Potter glasses, is it like a magician?

6. Slanted bangs short wig

As with the above, you can tie up a small scorpion on the top of the small, Korean mm is very popular with this style! The light nude makeup is pure.

7. Fluffy messy feeling is more realistic

In fact, the wig is not just a good look on the head. If you want to be more beautiful, you must learn how to organize your wigs. A little fluffy point will look very different, especially for mm that likes to take a wig to take pictures. It makes sense.

Korean girls non-mainstream wig

8. Put on shiny hair accessories

You can treat your wig as your own hair, and match it with all kinds of headwear! This Bling Bling headband is very popular this year, and the little bear-shaped rhinestones are very cute.

9. Local wig

Didn’t you see that it was a wig at all, because the first six seas were real hair, and the local wigs were spliced ​​from the back of the head. In order to hide the gap, a thick retro headband is usually worn.

10. Classic straight hair wig

Since classic straight hair has always been very heterosexual. It must not be introduced, smooth straight hair, is a lot of mm dreams, but due to hair problems, there are not many people, but the wig can fully meet your requirements.