Sweet and lovely wind wig uk

lovely wind wig

Many people have stereotypes about non-mainstream hair styles. In fact, some Sweet and lovely wind wig hair styles are also very beautiful. Today, we recommend several wig styles with non-mainstream styles, sweet and lovely, and charming!

Fashionable dyeing, full of youthful and dynamic atmosphere, very eye-catching. The beautiful wigs hairstyle is matched with a delicate red bow hair accessory, which breaks the monotony of the shape and makes the shape more attractive.

A sweet and lovely non-mainstream wig hairstyle, the supple hair gives the hair a beautiful curvature, the natural curl of the hair tip, injects a sense of air into the hair style, and makes the hair style dynamic and dynamic.

lovely wind wig

Sweet and lovely wind wig uk

The tidy bangs, the sleek look, the curled ends and the stylish hair dye make this hairstyle a distinctive charm.

This is a typical corn hot hair style, with a very airy micro-curly, can play a significant role in the face, and create a sweet face.

Fluffy long curly hair style, using the middle part of the shape, let you easily cover the round cheeks, instantly showing the charm of a small face, a delicate braid hair accessories across the forehead, showing a bit of exotic style, different Charm.

A sweet and individual pear hair wig, the hair on both sides of the hair on the cheeks, strong decoration of the small V face, smart and lively hair to get rid of the monotonous shape, let you quickly have a fresh and sweet feeling.

BOBO Wig head, fashion age is perfect

BOBO wig

Nowadays, it is very popular to use Wig Hairstyle for styling. It is not necessary to afflict hair. Secondly, you can think long and long, and short and short. The wigs are endless, and the BOB wigs are the most popular. Now let’s take a look at how South Korea MM skillfully uses BOB wigs to age for yourself. You can also learn, definitely make you young and young.

In the position of the corners on both sides, the hair on both sides can be seen with a good curvature and has a crescent effect.

In fact, this hairstyle is very suitable for home at home. If you are at home with your boyfriend on a weekend, the mutant age-reducing hairstyle will surprise him and make him shine.

 BOBO wig

If you want the wig to look less rigid or too naive, simply use the wax and mud to fluff the hair on your head.

BOBO Wig head, fashion age is perfect

In the end of the hair, a little curly hair treatment, but the amount must not be more, this will be natural.

BOB short hair, tightly fitted to the neck is the best effect, it will not appear very small, but at the same time it will not make people feel very dull.

When you are a mature dress, you must pay attention to the curvature of the wig, so that it will look natural and generous.

6 short temperament makes you like short hair

This year is a hot period of short hair. I don’t know if the girls have tried the charm of short hair. If you haven’t, please take a look at the following.

6 short temperament makes you like short hair

01. Qi ear outer hair short hair

This is a fresh and age-reducing short hair style, which will be rolled into a wrap-around J-shape. It looks cute and chic, and the natural black hair style is more retro. The short hair of the cock is matched with the thin bangs. It is super sweet and fragrant, and even the small face is decorated with a thin circle.

02. Xin Yulei short hair

Since Xin Shulei’s popularity, such as the rumored rumor, the popularity has also increased a lot. In 2018, she has produced a lot of works, and recently it was because of her hair style and once again the screen–Xin Xiaolei short hair, half Long wigs and short styling, the hair on both sides is more tailored, it can well modify the lack of face shape, just the right French bangs design will not cover the charming big eyes, the style highlights the advantages of the five senses and looks The whole person is very temperamental.

03. Shoulder short hair

The short hair with a natural tail and awkward hair has been the most classic hairstyle for girls in these years. The shape of the outer curl is not only small but also the smell of a small woman. Many people say that the short hair in the middle is very old. Rustic, joking, it’s just that you don’t have a good care. It’s like a sister who makes a simple haircut with a short hair and a hair color. Isn’t it very special?

04. Texture hot short hair

This year’s special fire texture hot short hair, a natural and well-managed hot short hair style, hot into a layered textured hair looks both rich and sensible, active in the design of the shoulder and neck, such a hair style can be very good Help you cover the flesh on the cheeks, showing the face is thin and thin and cute, adding a lot to the temperament is also very young and age-reducing.

05.lob head short hair

Korean style lob short hair is still very popular with girls. The large-biased style takes care of the shape of the buckle. The sweet design makes the girl look extraordinarily sultry. The fluffy and full hair volume also has repairs. Yan’s sense of sight, lob head, not picking the face can also perfectly outline the beautiful facial features, highlighting the sweetness and temperament.

06. Temperament ultra short hair

The handsome ultra-short hair is also very popular among girls this year. The ultra-short hair of neutral style looks like a boy. Cutting the asymmetrical hair can create a handsome style for boys, which can add a handsome atmosphere. It looks refreshing and spirited. It chooses to combine with the air and bangs to sweeten and age, and it is fashionable and attractive.

Korean girls non-mainstream wig

non-mainstream wig

The non-mainstream wig made in Korea is very realistic. In addition to the traditional wig, there are also partial wigs. If you wear it, it feels more realistic. It is completely fake, and you can change the shape to Super Easy! The wig of the pear flower head also appeared. I didn’t have to work hard to buy a hair curler. I immediately wore a beautiful pear head.

Non-mainstream wig

non-mainstream wig

Pear flower wig

The bangs of the pear flower wig, wearing a matching spring dress is also good, now the weather is just right, wearing a wig is not sultry. It will not work in midsummer.

2. Natural black thick curls

Thick curls can create an effect like a rich princess curl, very kawaii! Girls who like Lolita style can choose this. There are other colors.

3. Magazine model exaggerated long hair

Long and long hair, with a short personality bangs, quite a magazine model. Very long temperament, the shape of the micro-volume will not be monotonous.

4. Natural S-volume wig

What if I don’t have time to get a haircut at a party? Occasionally, I want to be surprised by a yeah~~ Try this natural wig, the curl is soft, suitable for most people, and the hat shape is more outstanding.

5. Tie the BOB head wig

Gently pry up, as long as it is not very high, it will not reveal the filling, it still looks like a real hair effect. Wearing a round Harry Potter glasses, is it like a magician?

6. Slanted bangs short wig

As with the above, you can tie up a small scorpion on the top of the small, Korean mm is very popular with this style! The light nude makeup is pure.

7. Fluffy messy feeling is more realistic

In fact, the wig is not just a good look on the head. If you want to be more beautiful, you must learn how to organize your wigs. A little fluffy point will look very different, especially for mm that likes to take a wig to take pictures. It makes sense.

Korean girls non-mainstream wig

8. Put on shiny hair accessories

You can treat your wig as your own hair, and match it with all kinds of headwear! This Bling Bling headband is very popular this year, and the little bear-shaped rhinestones are very cute.

9. Local wig

Didn’t you see that it was a wig at all, because the first six seas were real hair, and the local wigs were spliced ​​from the back of the head. In order to hide the gap, a thick retro headband is usually worn.

10. Classic straight hair wig

Since classic straight hair has always been very heterosexual. It must not be introduced, smooth straight hair, is a lot of mm dreams, but due to hair problems, there are not many people, but the wig can fully meet your requirements.

How to care for natural curly hair

Girls with natural curly hair must be very annoyed with their own hair. First, the hair is worse than normal hair, it is difficult to take care of. Second, the hair must be carefully taken care of, otherwise it will be difficult to see. Third, after perm hair dye, hair quality is better than other The hair is poor, it is easy to split, and the top of the head will soon grow small curls, it looks like the fur is not shiny, not foreign. Today, the beauty network teaches everyone how to care for natural curly hair.

Generally, girls with natural volumes have perm experience. If they are not hot, the top of the head is all a layer of curls. Although the hair is rolled, it is easy to be out of shape. However, it is necessary to pay attention to perm. Do not exceed 2 times a year. Although the roll will grow soon after the burn, we can extend and maintain the hairstyle as much as possible through the following steps.

How to care for natural curly hair

It is best not to burn straight hair for perm, because the hair is so natural, even if it is straight, it will not last long. Not only will it not have a hair style very quickly, but it will easily hurt the hair when it is too hot, and the hair will be more like hay. It is recommended to make hot curly hair, keep the curls longer, and it is more suitable for natural curling hair, and even if you grow curly hair, it will not look too awkward. You can ask the hairdresser to design the hair style. The young girl can soften the upper part of the ear. If the head shape is not flat, the girl can be burnt straight, and the head shape is softer. The hot straight is too paste, not good-looking. The part below the ear can be hot rolled.

Naturally curled hair should have at least medium long hair, so that the weight of the hair will make the hair have a drape. If the short hair is cut, the natural volume is generally fluffy. It is very difficult to take care of after getting up in the morning, and it is difficult to blow out the type.

How to use a curling iron to create a long face hairstyle uk

long face hairstyle

The curling iron is a must-have hairdressing tool for hairdressing. Today, senior hipsters will teach you how to use a curling iron to create a long-faced hairstyle. Many long-faced girls are troubled by their face shape, because the long face type will give people a mature feeling, so here mainly through the slight adjustment to make the face look more small and cute. How to create a suitable hairstyle for a long-faced girl? Not much nonsense, let’s take a look at this tutorial.

long face hairstyle

1. First, sort out the bangs. The thick bangs can cover the wide forehead very well, then use the large curling rod to roll the bangs to the inside, increasing the natural curvature of the bangs.

2. Next, slightly roll the dynamics of the silk. Long-faced people should make the hair on both sides look fluffy and weighty when finishing the hairstyle. You can roll out the curvature that suits your hairstyle according to your personal characteristics.

How to use a curling iron to create a long face hairstyle

3. Finish the hair on both sides. Keep the two strands of hair behind your ears to prevent your hair from covering your face. Long-faced people are best to expose their cheeks completely.

4. Finish the hair behind the ear. Pull the hair behind the ear to the sides of the cheeks to create a natural fluffy effect. Let the hair not block the face, and don’t feel dull.

5. After a little adjustment with the curling iron, this long face hairstyle looks a lot warmer, the layered bangs and the fluffy hair tips can add a playful and lovely feeling to the bangs.

6. If the girls want to increase the feeling of the following light mature women, you can also wear a lady-like bow headband. Qi Liu Hai and fluffy curly hair with a bow headband, this long face hair style is very good, and more importantly, this style can add a bit of gorgeous to you.

Sweet and lovely Japanese girls hairstyle

Japanese girls hairstyle

Japanese girls hairstyle pay more attention to the creation of air. They often use the elegant shape and the micro-rolled hair to create a feeling of ecstasy, showing a very sweet and moving temperament. The hot summer has just passed, and this cool autumn is the best for creating Japanese girls hairstyle. Let’s take a look at several Japanese hairstyles!

This half-length hair style may be the most embarrassing period, but in this summer and autumn excessive season, this hairstyle is both refreshing and comfortable! If you can burn such a curly hair, it will not only make everyday care easier and more convenient, but also make people look more sweet and moving. The heavy-bodied wave-head curls and the semi-circular bangs not only have a good face-lifting effect, but also can make the cute feeling instantly upgrade, and the sweetness does not lose the feminine taste.

Sweet and lovely Japanese girls hairstyle

It is also a naughty and cute bobo head, but the flax-colored hair can set the girl’s skin tone to be pink and pink, adding a sweet temperament. Qi Liuhai, who is in front of the forehead, MM’s eyes are prominently large and round. The micro-volume hairs hang on both sides of the cheeks, not only have the effect of modifying the face, but also make the whole person look more temperament.

Japanese girls hairstyle

The long hair of the middle points draped softly on the shoulders, and the curled tails loomed to reveal the beautiful clavicle of MM, giving a kind of sexy beauty. Although the bright hair color is a bit flamboyant, it can show the unique temperament of the young girl, neutralizing the maturity of this hairstyle, making the whole look look like the sweetness of the little girl and the unique charm of the mature woman.

The maroon long curly hair looks warm and soft in the sun, giving a sense of elegance and elegance. The thick Qi Liu Hai fashion is also tender and has a good age-reducing effect. The curved hair ends naturally rest on the chest, just as sweet as a princess in a fairy tale. The straight hair on the top of the head and the slight curl on the tail make a good contrast, giving a very dreamy feeling, and the beauty is impressive and impressive.