The whole process of seamless Hair piece

Because there are few hairs, it is necessary to use a wig instead of real hair to make the hair look fluffy and dense, but there are also hair growth effects from short hair wigs.From the pile of hair to the seamless hair piece film to understand, after all, do not know the production process of wig film, how to feel the peace of mind to use these wigs ~ here there is no trace hair piece production method diagram easy diy, they can Made a wig!

From the loose hair to the sophisticated wigs, what kind of method can we achieve this effect? First of all, it is necessary to give a smooth wig. Whether it’s cut real hair or other fiber wigs, it’s straight to cut, and then split the hair into bundles.

The whole process of seamless Hair piece

Divide the hair into a small bundle of small shapes, use a rope or a relatively strong rope after twisting, and wear it from the middle of the wig to tighten the wig, and the hair will naturally hang down. The wig is divided into such a small bundle, which is better fixed when making the wig.

After the hair is twisted together, use gold wire or other thread, from the position of the wig to the next centimeter, wrap the width of about one centimeter, so that the hair is absolutely stable, there will be no trace The hair is scattered, and then the hair of the hair root is cut flat.

Spread the small gold hair bundles on the wig patch, one side is a flat piece that can be combined with the hair to form a frictional force, and the other side is smooth and can be fixed. The hair that is fixed on the hair piece is to be wrapped with a golden thread, and the wig is wrapped around the two wigs. It is very tight and will never fall.

The fixed wig is completely divided into two parts, and the two sides of the wig piece are directly flipped over, and the gold wire is still fixed from both sides. After the wig piece is reversed, the straight plate holder and the hair dryer are also taken together to make the hairstyle. A very supple effect appears and the wig is finished.