Now popular straight hair style

straight hair style

Straight hair style can always give people a light, gentle and pleasant feeling, and the boy’s mate selection criteria is also hope to find a gentle woman, it can be seen that girls want to roll up the attention of boys, straight hair style is very suitable Oh.
Nowadays, the popular straight hair style is light and gentle.

Medium long straight hair style

Long straight hair, broken straight hair with this partial bangs, straight hair effect of different lengths will look more beautiful, showing a gentle, elegant little woman atmosphere. Isn’t the image of the goddess in the hearts of many boys like this? Even Xiaobian couldn’t help but sigh a sentence, “Slightly smile and pour the country, I will marry you when you have long hair and waist.”

Qi Liuhai straight hair style

The color of the brown color is always very white, so that the long straight hair with this rare advection, and the middle hairline will make your face more compact and charming, giving a youthful vitality, well-behaved The feeling of Tian Jiaxiaobiyu. This straight hair style is very suitable for girls with a round face.

Split straight hair style

The distribution line in the middle can always give a goddess-like feeling, and the length of the waist, the hair ends are cut flat, with the bangs in the middle, the natural black hair, a retro light and gentle temperament It is very eye-catching. And such a straight hair style is never out of date, when you look so good, look good.

Shoulder short hair straight hair style

If you don’t like to keep long hair, then the charm of short straight hair is also quite good. The length of this shoulder is matched with this thin air bangs, and the hairline in the middle splits the hair on both sides evenly. The vertical natural buckle can perfectly highlight your delicate facial features. It seems that there is a lovely side, and the image of a gentle girl is also indispensable. A female student in Sven, who is loved.

Confluence sea straight hair style

straight hair style

The medium-length straight hair style is matched with the flat bangs, which perfectly shows your face with a nice diamond shape, a small face with a sweet smile, and an instant eye-opening. Such a straight hair hairstyle is very much a school girl in school, with this youthful school uniform, a fresh and elegant temperament, so that Xiaobian could not help but want to return to the college.

Natural straight hair style

Long hair fluttering is always a kind of temperament, and it is natural to have such a straight hair style. This natural long straight hair style, step length finish makes the hairstyle look simple and not simple. Usually, the front bangs are fixed behind to form a princess hairstyle. It looks both lively, cute and beautiful, and the age-reducing effect is also very good.

How to wash the wig dirty

wig dirty

What should I do if my hair is dirty and I have no time to wash? Many girls don’t have time to wash because of all kinds of busy hair. The girls who often have such troubles can prepare several wigs, and when they have dirty hair, they wear wigs, so that they don’t look dirty. So how do you wash your wig? The skills are below, let’s learn.

Straight hair style

Many modern ladies in the workplace, because of the fast-paced life, often have dirty hair and no time to wash. At this time, girls can comb the dirty hair backwards, put on a small bun, and then wear a diagonal bangs shawl buckle. Straight hair, cover your hair, and go to work beautifully.

How to wash the wig dirty

Girls light bangs straight hair buckle style

For those who like to wear wigs, wigs can be dirty because they are worn for a long time. It is much easier to wash your hair than to wash your hair. Soak your hair in water, wash it with shampoo, and then use conditioner or Once you have licked the ointment, use the hair dryer to dry it.

wig dirty

Girls air bangs over shoulder long straight hair style
In the cold winter, many girls have dirty hair and don’t want to wash, because it is really too cold, then you can put your hair in the suit and then wear a wig on it, such as this 2018 popular lady air bangs shawl The straight hair wig is very good, and it is easy to solve the problem of hair dirty.

What are the middle and old lady wigs

Wigs seem to be a necessity for those who are bald and have hair problems. When people enter the middle-aged age, hair will appear more or less in white hair and less hair. So many women who refuse to accept the old will choose to wear wigs to make themselves younger. So, what are the wigs for middle-aged and old lady wigs?

1, three or seven points fluffy hot short hair style

The middle and old aged hair styling of three or seven points makes it easier to wear wigs and to handle them more easily. The hair volume of middle-aged and old-aged hair is small, and the more difficult it is to take care of it, the wig hairstyle of three or seven points, and the round face middle-aged face type, it is appropriate.

2, oblique bangs texture hot short hair style

The airy wig design, although the hair is also short and long, but in the long and short hair, the texture is hot and the hair is flat. It is suitable for middle-aged and old people, and has a short wig design with a slimming effect, which makes the head shape more three-dimensional, and the four-dimensional comb is very obvious.

3, air oblique bangs texture hot short hair style

The hairline directly combs the bangs’ perm hairstyle, and the short perm runs along the head shape, which makes the shape more natural and temperament. Comb hair with short hair and long hair, this slightly layered short wig shape, oblique bangs just combed on the forehead, after combing the hair level is very special.

4, ultra short hair fluffy short wig hairstyle

The short wig hairstyle is taken care of under the brows. The hair on the top is a wig, but the back of the head is always padded with a wig. Middle-aged and old-aged hair combs can be slightly buckled, and the hairstyle made on the scalp can make the wig more natural.

5, oblique bangs short wig hairstyle

Middle-aged temperament short wig hairstyle, after wigs are well-kept, just mix with the cheeks naturally, middle-aged and old women’s hair, when doing short hair, try to choose a wig to improve the fullness of the hair, and the young short hair fluffy perm texture is stronger .

What are the middle and old lady wigs

Middle-aged and old lady wig wearing method

1. First, the side of the hair net with a ring of elastic band facing down, and the other side is raised upwards.

2, the side of the elastic band is pressed against your hairline, do not let your real hair ran out, and the other side lifted up, put your hair in the hair net, so as not to wear uneven after wearing a wig .

3, the hair is evenly spread in the hair net inside, the top of the mouth is placed on the head just fine, no special fixation. : Wig from the back to wear, then adjust, there are two size adjustment buckles on the inside of the inside, there is a strip in the middle of the two buckles, there are several small squares on the cloth strip, please adjust the buckle according to the size of your head shape Just go in.

4, Liu Hai can naturally get anywhere, find two small protrusions at the two plaques, this is to check whether the position of the wig is correct, pinch with the thumb and index finger, pull down and adjust the position of the wig properly.

5, wearing the finished, you can grab a few wig tops by hand, get fluffy.

What is the short face for short hair

Long-haired faces are suitable for short-haired girls who are too long and look mature, even older than their peers. In order to solve this problem, the long-faced girl can choose the appropriate hair style to adjust, and the short hair that can slightly modify the forehead is worth considering. If you want to save your face too long, you have to cover part of your face.


A girl with a long face is easy to look mature and even older than her peers. In order to solve this problem, the long-faced girl can choose the appropriate hair style to adjust, and the short hair that can slightly modify the forehead is worth considering.


If you want to save your face too long, you have to cover a part of your face. It is easier to operate than the other parts. If the forehead is long and the proportion of the entire face is too large, then you can use the thick Qi Liu, so that the face looks shorter, and the proportion of the three courts is relatively more appropriate.

The reason why the thick bangs are chosen to cover the forehead is because the thick bangs have a stronger hiding function, and the thin broken bangs are easily deflected under the influence of external factors such as wind, thus exposing the long forehead. Of course, if you feel that the thick bangs are too soily enough, you can give your own short hair dyed individual colors, so that thick bangs can also add a sense of fashion.

short hair

What is the short face for short hair

Choosing a thick bangs means taking care of it. Relative to the rest of the hair, the bangs are more likely to become greasy and untidy, so it is necessary to clean the combing often. Let your bangs be kept clean, fresh and clean, in order to avoid the bangs appearing in a glimpse of the situation, revealing a long forehead.

Of course, in addition to the thick Qi Liuhai, there are other short hair styles to choose from. Some people don’t have a long forehead, so there is no need to cover them with hair. In this case, the hair on the forehead can be combed loosely, causing the hairline to move down. Moreover, the hair on both sides of the face can be left thick at the same time, which visually increases the width of the head.

This method is lighter and more flexible than the front cover with a thick bangs. The amplitude of the modification is naturally not as large as the former. Therefore, it is more suitable for people whose forehead is not very long and the length of the face is not very exaggerated. Long-faced girls can choose the right short hair to improve their face shape according to their own characteristics.

The whole process of seamless Hair piece

Because there are few hairs, it is necessary to use a wig instead of real hair to make the hair look fluffy and dense, but there are also hair growth effects from short hair wigs.From the pile of hair to the seamless hair piece film to understand, after all, do not know the production process of wig film, how to feel the peace of mind to use these wigs ~ here there is no trace hair piece production method diagram easy diy, they can Made a wig!

From the loose hair to the sophisticated wigs, what kind of method can we achieve this effect? First of all, it is necessary to give a smooth wig. Whether it’s cut real hair or other fiber wigs, it’s straight to cut, and then split the hair into bundles.

The whole process of seamless Hair piece

Divide the hair into a small bundle of small shapes, use a rope or a relatively strong rope after twisting, and wear it from the middle of the wig to tighten the wig, and the hair will naturally hang down. The wig is divided into such a small bundle, which is better fixed when making the wig.

After the hair is twisted together, use gold wire or other thread, from the position of the wig to the next centimeter, wrap the width of about one centimeter, so that the hair is absolutely stable, there will be no trace The hair is scattered, and then the hair of the hair root is cut flat.

Spread the small gold hair bundles on the wig patch, one side is a flat piece that can be combined with the hair to form a frictional force, and the other side is smooth and can be fixed. The hair that is fixed on the hair piece is to be wrapped with a golden thread, and the wig is wrapped around the two wigs. It is very tight and will never fall.

The fixed wig is completely divided into two parts, and the two sides of the wig piece are directly flipped over, and the gold wire is still fixed from both sides. After the wig piece is reversed, the straight plate holder and the hair dryer are also taken together to make the hairstyle. A very supple effect appears and the wig is finished.